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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Video Vault: Frankenstein tapping experiment

So I recently found out that iMovie '09 can create split screens in the advanced features...goodness I had to just let my creative juices flow. I must really say that mix media performances can be quite tricky to execute. At the end of the day, this talent cum camera woman cum director was just exhausted. I don't even know how some of the youtubers do it like MysteryGuitarMan and Kurt Schneider, they must have had a big team or something.

The last few seconds in the vid didn't come out as strong as I wanted to. I wasn't very sure why. 

Friday, 26 October 2012

Video Vault: Double Split Slide in WCS

Interesting move I came across on the web while browsing. This isn't something that I've been taught in class, but it's great if one could grab a partner and figure out the feel, lead and follow for the moves in this video.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Trite Trivia: Play the Piano?

Oh hey look at that! I found a video that shows you how that Love Story + Viva la Vida song is played. You know, the one that was danced by Benji Schwimmer and Torri Smith? Figuring the song out can keep me occupied while I recover from my cold.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Tutorial Treasuries: Dance Just Like Me

In my search for useful tutorial videos around iTunes, I have come across this one by Doug Silton. Doug Silton is a Lindy Hopper, West Coast Swinger, Salsa dancer, Carolina Shagger, Balboa dancer, and Hip Hopper (man that must be a mouthful to say out loud) and had years of experience in teaching, performing and competing internationally. Needless to say, this guy knows his stuff.

Dance Just Like Me (DJLM) is a compilation of his video tutorials into one app. It's a free app, but the videos have to be purchased separately. Don't worry, there are some free videos for you to try out and see if his style of teaching works for you. My suggestion is that you also nail down the techniques he provides first before moving on to downloading more of his videos, let alone purchasing an entire album. The interface and process is pretty similar to purchasing music from iTunes so it's not that hard getting used to the app's carousel interface too.

My WCS1 classmates should be able to benefit from that Duck-Under Wrap free video on the 8-count variations since we're moving into 8-count stuff now. For my readers in general, you'll benefit from  a shot of inspiration by watching him dance, along with the free videos that he explains how to do a certain technique. You can always bug your dance teachers to show you how to do some of his moves for better clarification too. *hint hint*

Dance Just Like Me (DJLM) - Mirage Enterprises

Monday, 4 June 2012

Video Vault: Tuck Pass/Turn + Additional Annotations

**Once again, this isn't supposed to replace one's dance instruction, whether it is from a personal/private dance teacher or learning with a group. It's for the convenience of anyone who happens to have learnt the steps and require a few reminders on the technique. And again, if there's any input that you have, please don't hesitate to comment.

  • Jitterbugs WCS1 students: Tuck Turn with Left Side Pass equates to Tuck Pass for us.
  • 0:23 - Girls take note of your frame. Remember to shrug and lock your shoulders back.
  • 0:30 - It's important to also have a compression going on during the counts 3 & before pushing off at 4. Guys don't cushion too much, so the girls don't end up having too much force and too little inertia to push of into the turn. 
  • 0:54 - If I'm not mistaken, guys should cushion by tilting their body leftwards a little bit, but it looks like this guy doesn't. 
  • 0:57 - I remember otherwise: the guy just pushes off, but it would look like the hand is going around the girl's head like a halo, but not intentionally flicking your hand around her head like a halo.
  • 1:04 - Take note of this exercise all the way to the end of the video. Remember that both must exert an equal and opposite amount of force on the other (and if it helps, that was a reference to Newton's 3rd Law of Motion.)

Monday, 28 May 2012

Video Vault: West Coast Swing Styling video

As promised, I found a video on YouTube that talks about styling. On the dance floor you may not be thinking much as you dance, so I wouldn't really know how I look when I try out the styling here. I guess it takes practice and lots of confidence to strut your stuff and let loose.

In the meantime, I will be looking at more WCS videos to take inspiration from for styling.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Digging up some old stuff

Oh my goodness, this is precious. I found this really old video of one of my favourite online video instructors, and it's fun to compare the difference of the quality then and now. I have the addicted2salsa app on my iPhone, and compared to this old video, it's more slick and professional. This old video already assumes that you know the basic steps. However, its teaching style is so unique to Anthony Persaud. You should check out his channel at Hooray free dance lessons!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Tutorial Treasuries: Shawn Trautman's series

Now this is an interesting find, Shawn Trautman seems to have a strong trainer background, and there have been positive reviews of his dance videos. One such review can be found here on a YouTube video:

Their review is pretty general, but I'm already thinking about getting the DVDs especially knowing that my following techniques aren't strong and in this review she said that it helped her. So if anyone's thinking of buying the DVDs the links are on the slideshow above for convenience.