Guest Blog: Make an Appearance

Although Swinging Salsera is primarily a one man (ehem, woman) show, I'm always open to hearing different people's voices and tips! It helps give a breath of fresh air to this blog. If you want to write a guest post on my blog, take note of this email address:

There are some things I'd like for you to keep in mind though:

  1. Make sure your content is 100% original! I do not accept plagiarised articles, or articles containing copyrighted images. It can get the both of us into trouble legally.
  2. Blog about things that are relevant to social dancing. I don't want to hear you talking about a brand new Porche you've recently bought, go to a car blog for that.
  3. Include a brief author's biography at the end of the article. I allow back links to the guest author's website. 
  4. Within the body of the article, I allow a maximum of 5 outgoing links.
  5. Feel free to talk about your personal experiences on the dance floor. It's always good to hear a different perspective on the same subject matter.
  6. I don't want articles with a lot of self promotion. Unless your stuff is helpful in conjunction to the article topic you're writing about, I will not accept your post.
  7. I have the right to edit articles to suit the feel and look of the website. This includes the format and diction.
  8. I also have the right to reject articles if they are not up to standard. I'll try to explain with the best of my abilities why your article may be rejected. Don't worry too much though, I'm easily impressed. 
If you've got ideas flowing in your head already, what are you waiting for? Type away on that keyboard, but don't neglect dancing while you're at it! I'd love to hear from you.

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