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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Fashion Fiesta: New Looks for the New Year

If there's anything you can kick off your new year with a bang, it's to get a new look! I've done my post Christmas shopping in Australia, and I'm loving some of the trends that are found there. There's lots of laces, floral designs, and baring the midriff, because it's summer and people would burn if there isn't any ventilation in the Land Down Under.

I got myself an A-lined floral skirt in a geometric pattern, but an animal print skirt can be matched with a black, or dull coloured top easily. For example, a black lace tank. Mine was layered and shorter, but the closest I could find on amazon was the one listed above. They come in red, green, blue, and black, but I think the most versatile colours would be red and black.

Studs on a chiffon top also seems to be trending now, and I got one in khaki. The studs on the collar makes a delicate piece look like a standout. It screams edgy, yet feminine. Perfect for one who like the femme fatale image. This would go well with black tights, black skirts, or even just plain jeans. You can even top it off with a few leather accessories like cuffs, leather rings, bracelets and whatnot.

For those who just want something sporty, you can also don the cropped off top and look just as trendy and sexy over low rise bottoms. These activewear would be great for classes that does aerobics like my Jazz and dance technique classes.

Capris have been around since the 1960s, but cuffed capris are pretty recent. These 3/4 trousers in spandex can be easily pulled up into pedal pusher's length, and would look good with hip hop classes. Capris in stretchy material can also be easily worn for jogging or cardio exercises. It's better to hunt down capris on the cheaper end of the scale if you're looking for something that stretches but won't hurt your wallet. Spandex in general can endure body movements, but still, every fabric has its limits.

Personally, I have to probably shop for more sports bras to wear under my tank tops, and for those with a bigger bust, it's often hard to find sports bras that can stop all that unnecessary movement. So far this sports bra had good reviews, and the pricing is fairly reasonable. And it also never hurts to even add a few padding to your shopping list too, because sports bras can also look good on its own, but some bras don't come with padding, which can be a cause of concern.

Wow, it's been a while since I talked about apparel in my blog at all. Hope you had fun browsing and swinging around online!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Fashion Fiesta: A dress to fly for!

I want this dress badly ;_; It's so vintage, slim fitting, and would look good on a regular day out in Singapore. You won't look overdressed, but it's still good enough for a party if you dress it up, and would especially look good on a West Coast Swing and Lindy Hop dance floor. Dresses that are versatile for day and evening events are the best.

The reviews of the product are pretty good, and it is even stated that the dress has pockets! How practical is that? The dress comes in 6 different patterns, but I'm vying for the red with black polkadots :) I won't hesitate to buy this again since I like shopping online, but I should start saving up again so that I can afford this. Anyway, the picture links to the shopping page on Amazon, if anyone is as interested as I am in buying the dress, you can go ahead and take a look. I've updated the aStore to include this dress under dance apparel. 

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Fashion Fiesta: Shoe Spotting!

I spotted these pair of salsa shoes while browsing on, and they looked really similar to the ones used by the girls of Salsa Swingapore during the recital. Clicking on the picture will take you to to buy this pair of shoes.

Like all other salsa shoes, they're padded for comfort, and this one's a bit different since the heel is slightly lower than the usual (2 inches than my own 2.5 inches) which will be a bigger advantage for some who don't know how to walk in heels, let alone dance in them. The copper colour of the shoes should make it easy to pair up with bold, vibrant colours (that is if you don't want to worry about matching them with your bag. But girls, come on, when do you dance with your little handbags on the dance floor?)