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Understandably, not many people would have time, money and patience to refine dance technique for 8 hours a week.

However, they still want to look good on the social partner dance floor. How does one see significant changes in their technique and partner dance better in a short period of time?

dance better now eBook
This is where Clint Steele comes in. He's written two eBooks on refining your dance, and he guarantees results in about two weeks time. He's compiled the best methods to improve the way people learn to dance through years of research. This series isn't about how to dance salsa, tango, swing, quickstep and such; there are dance studios and online videos for those. These books are about how to maximise your learning ability in dance, and how to improve your own technique, lead, and follow quickly.

I wish I had gotten the books when I first started my salsa lessons. Learning the techniques and maximising the utility in dance classes is an aspect that is easily overlooked, which is why some dancers seem to be stuck in that dreaded learning plateau. It'll take some time to be able to adjust yourself into learning things differently, but with dedication, it will work.

Clint would usually offer his full Dance Better Now eBook set at $37 USD after you preview the first volume, and you'll be obliged to sign up for his newsletter in order to get the second eBook. But I managed to negotiate the price to just $27 USD, and you don't have to sign up for his newsletter. That's cheaper than most eBooks and a fancy dinner with no strings attached.

Personally, I also obtained results from his stretches that went beyond his stated target, my flexibility has also improved due to the release of tension from his exercises, so if it helps me in my personal goals, it will help you dance better now too! Why wait?

dance better now

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