My Dance Background

As a preschooler, I was already taking up Ballet and Tap classes. My mom thought sending me to ballet classes would help refine my flexibility, and it was a popular form of dance for 90's kids. But this little girl couldn't contain her urge to try out those strange metallic shoes that made noise as you walk. So, as soon as I was old enough for tap classes, I got in and let loose my happy feet.

After a while, I stopped ballet because I started waddling like a duck (thanks, 1st position) and my mom got worried. However, I continued tapping, and somewhere along the way I tried out a bit of jazz as well (and my interest for it didn't last too, but it could be due to dance cliques and getting isolated.)

Now on to the good part: the 5Ws and 1H of salsa and west coast swing. Partner dances didn't exactly strike me as interesting until I watched my friends perform it in school. To be honest, I had mixed feelings before the idea of looking good while dancing with a hot guy started kicking in, and also appreciating salsa as a social dance where one can be free in expressing themselves without being confined to the stage and choreography. So I started to pick up classes from Jitterbugs Swingapore in February 2012, and checked out the social dance floor. I was equipped with only one salsa lesson and a few tips from YouTube videos on my first night out, but I got hooked.

Sooner or later, I came to know some salseros were also west coast swingers too, and that influenced me to take up WCS as well. The idea of being able to dance to any 4/4 beat song like having the prom night that never happened in High School was really attractive.

Now I'm here by my laptop typing away, basically noting down my experiences and progress (alongside ranting) as a salsa dancer and west coast swinger. It'll be interesting to look back in full detail on how I grew as a dancer one day.

Legal Disclaimer:

This blog is a sole expression of the thoughts of the author, and in no way reflects the opinions of Jitterbugs Swingapore.


  1. You have quite a good background in dancing. I think you can have a great future too, if you just practice and attend your dance lessons always. Focus on a particular dance that you really love. Then, study the other types of dances that you want to learn. You can be a great dancer - just believe in yourself.

    >Henry Gay

    1. Thanks Henry. Yes, I do try to attend all of my dance lessons except days where circumstances take over my abilities (sickness and whatnot.) I definitely won't stop believing :)