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Friday, 30 November 2012

Video Vault: Benji & Torri's new showcase routine

My mind is officially blown. Did I just see an illusion turn at 0:37? A high fan kick at 1:04? What was that crazy trick around 2:35? Did I also just see them make dubstep look good? 

I'm fangirling from behind this screen, guys. I really enjoy their sharp movements, their projection, and just that oozing chemistry from their routine. I also respect Torri as she's also able to be the base for Benji for one of the tricks they did, it's different from the traditional role where the guys always have to be the ones lifting the girl. Credits where it's due, Benji's done a really good job at hitting the stunts at the right time and whatnot. 

It didn't really matter that they didn't employ as much swing technique in this routine, but everything about this choreography is just astonishing!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Trite Trivia: Play the Piano?

Oh hey look at that! I found a video that shows you how that Love Story + Viva la Vida song is played. You know, the one that was danced by Benji Schwimmer and Torri Smith? Figuring the song out can keep me occupied while I recover from my cold.