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Friday, 18 January 2013

Trite Trivia: Support these Dancers' Mission!

What do you get when two friends decide to challenge each other into getting the best abs within 100 days?

*electric guitar strum*

Join Derrick and Eugene as they challenge each other into different cardio workouts and a serious diet in order to achieve the best sixpack they've got within 100 days. You'll definitely want to go "Like" their FB page as they share their journey through web entries along with fABulous nutrition facts like the numbers you get at the side of cereal boxes.

Previously, I did mention something about Mike Chang's training routine for increased core strength and I'm glad they're using it - as you can see it is indeed intense! If you missed that post, you can still get Mike Chang's Sixpack Shortcut program here. This challenge is a very interesting take as you're actually able to watch - publicly - how they're doing thus far. It's been 5 days now, so you'd definitely want to show some demand and ask how they're doing by commenting on their Facebook page.

They're also doing this in conjunction with Swingvitation 2013, so ladies, you would expect to see two (or more*) muscular men on the social dance floor during April this year.

I hope you guys can take your time to like their FB page, because they will reveal their "before" bodies if they hit 150 FB likes. That will definitely be quite a sight to catch, so what are you waiting for? Go show your support for them now!

*They've also set up two teams to train together and aggregate the best quantity and quality of abs. This  is going to be interesting.