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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Reflections: Progress Report

The first ever dance technique class happened today as part of the Developing Artistes Programme requirement. My inner thigh muscles hurt like mad, but hey, it's part and parcel of important ballet technique, along with any other dance for that matter, because spins and turns are featured prominently across all dance genres, and it requires tons of control.

Now that Salsa Swingapore is going to be a part of my dancing regime *fingers crossed on survival aka time management skills* I hope this means that my follow can be leveled up better too! For now, it's working on the isolations and making sure they glide along smoothly.

One tip though, if you want to work on inner thigh muscle strength, clamp something in between your thighs, turn out, and go up on releves. It's a great workout. You may or may not have a phantom object sensation later, but yeah, you've been warned :P