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Monday, 28 January 2013

Reflections: Love from the Dance Floor

Well, Valentine's Day is coming soon, and I'm single for the 20th consecutive year in a row during this day like Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak. Being within the social dance community for a while, I came to learn that love happens between dancers even on the dance floor. There are about 5 couples that I know of that got together because of salsa dancing.

In fact, my first love story actually originated from salsa socials too.

How did it happen?

I think it was just blatant spring fever (the incident happened around March), because all I did was to observe someone who I thought only knew how to dance salsa, dance west coast swing. In fact, he looked so cool from his original dorky appearance when he was swinging that I got twitter-pattered that instant. Somewhere in my head, this equation happened:

Dorky + Experienced dancer + cool = Adorkable = Dangit I want him so bad

So there, I admitted it. I like dorks. I like adorkable people. But one thing that would win me over for sure is if I have brain stimulation - it doesn't matter if it's left brain or right brain. Entertain me and I will fall flat head over heels. And you know what? Dancing activates my brains, period. Why do you think I've been dancing for so long?

What happened next?

The feelings were reciprocated, we dated for about 4 months, but because of circumstances, I was this major worry wart about going into university and how things might change in the future and being a mommy's girl I wasn't very sure - and neither was he - about how this kind of relationship should be. Hence it ended there. 

Was it true love?

Within that space time continuum of which these events took place, it's quite safe to say that there was love. However, if I were to look back at this present coordinates of space time, I would probably say it was infatuation. I unintentionally built a mirage image of myself in his head, and vice versa. Sometimes these memories feel vivid as I find myself sitting in places we used to hang out. Sometimes the heart wants to feel what it wants to feel. But my little love story is just one of the many that had happened because of dance.

So, here's my question to you, dear reader. Do you have a love story or know of a love story that happened because of dance?