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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Video Vault: Salsa hair comb

Salsa 2A recap! Plus my additional annotations as follows:
0:20 - this applies to West Coast Swing as well
1:00 - keep in mind that the "comb" is the girl's hand. It's creepy if the guy's hand becomes the comb
1:18 - Yep, it's creepy when dancing with a stranger and this happens. Don't do it. Right now I don't know any leads that uses that handhold either and I'll most likely freak out in socials when that happens.
1:47 - Ladies, here's something to add for your styling vocabulary!

This hair comb move is also called Aladdin. It's also usually preceded by a cross body lead inside turn. This move sometimes follows up with a close hold so the guys can do another CBL move. 

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Trite Trivia - Guest blogging

I have appeared elsewhere (like a ninja) on the internet. I decided to guest blog at and here's my post. Hopefully I can tempt more people to join the dark side- I mean, join the fun and excitement of dancing some spicy salsa with a hot hunk. (Gentlemen, I'm sorry. My hormones are spiking out of control so you'll have to excuse my language.)

ps: In that blogpost, there's supposed to be a link to a salsa starter kit. If for some reason whatsoever the link doesn't work for you, I've also placed the widget here so it's easier for all to see.