Sunday, 7 October 2012

Video Vault: Stop-Spin in ECS

I remember this move being a part of my tap dance choreography two years ago, except it was in an 8-count variation to fast paced music from Hairspray.

I couldn't really note the intricacies in executing this move at that point in time (as a leader) because tap dance, being a solo dance, conditioned us to move on our own all the time. So, even though our instructor told the follows to only allow the guy or leader to spin them, more often than not they were auto-piloting.

I didn't notice that there had to be a twisting motion as seen in 0:55 in the video. This should build up the momentum needed to do the stop-spin motion. If you're parallel to your partner, you're more likely to use force to spin the follow (or they're auto piloting to make you look good in a performance.) I'm also beginning to notice that this twisting motion is quite common in other partner dances that requires spinning like a salsa combo that I learnt & followed the past 3 weeks.

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