Friday, 21 September 2012

Guest Appearance: The Genius of “So You Think You Can Dance”

I did not seriously become interested in “So You Think You Can Dance” until season 8. I know. I am a newcomer. I thought the show was silly, that it was just another “American Idol” riff off, but I was so wrong.

I remember, one day, when my mom and my sister were watching the show. They had previously recorded it and were trying to get caught up so they could actually watch the live show. They spent hours in the basement that day, and I could not help but be curious.

As I started watching the show, seeing both the fantastic dancers and the terrible auditions, seeing the unique choreography, costumes, hair, and make-up, I instantly knew that this was not an “American Idol” knock off.

In season 8, I fell in love with Melanie and Marko, just like the rest of the dedicated watchers of the show. In my opinion, they were, by far, the most phenomenal dancers. When they danced together, they constantly lit up the stage.

The first of their dances that truly amazed me was the statue dance. Anybody who even partially watched season 8 knows what I’m talking about. They danced to the song “Turn to Stone” by Ingrid Michaelson, and the whole thing was absolutely beautiful.

For starters, the white on Melanie’s and Marko’s face and body really made them look like statues, and it really added an amazing depth to the wonderful choreography. Because Melanie’s hair was so short, she looked just like one of those Greek statues, and the way the two of them pulled off “awakening” out of the stone and then turning back into stone was incredible. It was the best dance I ever saw on the show.

Another amazing dance with Melanie and Marko was the light bulb dance performed with the song “Skin and Bones” by David Roch. Though this one is not always counted among the greatest performances on the show, it will always be my very favorite.

The costumes and hairstyles were simple, even so far as to be called basic, but it provided for a more intense effect in the areas that mattered more: the choreography and the meaning of the dance. Their gray clothes signified their inner darkness, and, as Melanie was reaching for the light, Marko was pulling her back, keeping her from what she really wanted. And, in the end, they both remained in the darkness.

The piece was full of emotion and symbolism, and I was a little miffed that it did not receive more acclamation than I thought it deserved.

Anyway, now that season 9 is in full swing, you can expect to see more great dances, more great costumes, and more great hairstyles. Although the hype and excellence of season 8 will be a difficult shadow to come out of, I believe there are plenty of capable dancers and choreographers that can surely pull it off with finesse.

By Kassandra Konecny

Though Kassandra Konecny has only begun writing professionally about six months ago, she has been writing creatively for years. Recently, she has worked to become an expert at writing blogs for different beauty schools in Utah.

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