Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Exciting Events: Inter-Tertiary Salsa Competition

Inter-tertiary salsa competition

Ladies and gentlemen, NTU presents to you the Inter-Tertiary Salsa competition 2012! The theme this year will be Sapphire Masquerade, so be sure to dress with flair and carry an air of mystery. Masks will be provided on the day itself, but you may bring your own to add to the mystique.

When: 25th August, 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm
Where: YMCA International House, 1 Orchard Road, Singapore
Price: $15 for students, $20 for public.
Contact Chloe of En Motion Dance Studio on FB for more info on how to buy the tickets. Please provide your name, mobile number and amount of tickets you would like to buy in your message.

This competition has brought about fierce competition between skilled salseros and salseras at tertiary school level, their choreographies are not to be missed! Along with that, there will be DJs spinning the hottest, spiciest salsa tunes to social dance into the night. Refreshing drinks will also be served.

I'll be going for the event itself, but I doubt that in such a short timespan I'll be able to find a partner and train enough to be at a competitive level. Either way, I'll see you there!

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